Daìthi's Story

Where do I start, with my little super hero!

One of our little inspirations, Daìthi

At my 21 weeks scan they realised Daìthi wasn't growing and the blood flow from the plancenta wasn't right. After that I was scanned for 4 days a week til they decided to section me. I was 31 weeks when Daìthi was born on 5th of November 2014 weighting 1lb 9oz. He spent 6 months in the amazing neonatal in Derry, he battled week in a week out. He was ventilated three times, spending 5 months on cpap. Daìthi eventually went on to high-flow oxygen then low-flow and after a few weeks we got him off oxygen and always has issues with putting on weight. Daìthi was discharged from the neo-natal weighting 7lb 13oz on the 17th April.

Children's Hospital Belfast

After 13 days home Daìthi took sick again and developed a cough. I took him to Altnagelvin and he was desaturating at 80 so he was admitted. He spent five days there before they sedated him and put him on a ventilator and transferred him to intensive care in the children's hospital in Belfast.

When they got there on the Monday we thought it was just RSV but on Wednesday they realised he was in heart failure, and that his heart was under a lot of pressure! And the flowing Sunday realised he had NEC which is a serious gut infection. He was on nitric oxide for his heart and his feeds where stopped. He had a very high lactate level and they decided to take a muscle biopsy form his leg to send off to be tested along with a lot of other bloods. As the weeks went by the Dr's told us that there was nothing left they could do for Daìthi, they didn't know what was wrong as he wasn't improving, he couldn't breath on his own, his heart was still in bad condition and they couldn't feed him with the gut infection. His spleen and liver where also swollen. After many attempts to feed he got NEC two times after this he wasn't feed eight weeks off an on. But what I can only call a miracle from God Daìthi started to come round. His ventilation requirements went down and after 3 attempts they where able to get him off the nitric machine.

Brighter Days

He had a operation to get the infected part of his bowl removed and two hernias repaired, and since then we haven't looked back. After 4 months in Belfast Daìthi is now home 4 weeks, he is tube feeding still and only weights 8lb 5oz at present and is the length of a 8 week baby. We were told before discharge that Daìthi has isolated complex I deficiency and has the mutation in the NDUFB3.

We are so blessed to have this super hero in our lives. He has bought so much joy to our families.